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Hello Everyone

     Here is the results link for the 2014 Malibu 7 Canyon Classic.


    This post is for all the people that participated in the 2nd annual Malibu 7 Canyon Classic this past weekend (3/15). First let me start with a huge Booming thanks to the most important person of all, my unbelievable Wife. Her infinite tolerance leading up to the event and her incredible fortitude to come out and help even though she is on crutches with a torn ACL amazes me. That's right my wife is Bad @$$. Next I want to say "Thank you!" to all the participants of this years Malibu 7 Canyon Classic. Without you coming out this event would not exist. In addition I want to thank the hard work of the few staff members we had. They really showed their merit and I have boat loads of gratitude for them. As well I want to thank Robin Farina and Nelson Vails (the Cheetah) for taking time out of their busy schedules to join us for the ride. It was an incredible experience having such accomplished cyclists ride in the event. I hope that they come back in the future. It was truly a pleasure!

     Secondly I want to thank all my amazing Sponsors & Vendors:

     Phil & Rachel of Hypercat racing were incredible. They provided mechanical service for everyone in the Start/Finish area. They are extra special to me because they were the first sponsor to commit. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
    Richard Smith of FLUID Nutrition for providing their amazing "Performance" natural sport drink mix for the aid stations.
    Stormi'n Norman and gang of FRANCO bicycles for being the official bike of the Malibu 7 Canyon Classic, promoting the event and for making the most stunning custom bikes. Just looking at one will make you faster!
    WIN'S WHEELS for his support and the free pre-ride bike safety check he offered to all contestants for the week before the event.
    Sean Warriner and VOLER. He worked extra hard and produced some great Jerseys for me that no one else could.
    Eric & Casey of Carbon Lite Racing for promoting the event and coming out to showcase their sleek and crazy fast wheels.
    Susan Tudor of Cyclist Massage for promoting and providing the weary finishers with a much needed massage.
    Rich Franz from Profile Design for his promotion and product giveaways.
    Rock Chef Rolls for coming out and providing yummy gourmet grub for everyone.

    As well I want to give special thanks to:

    Sean English - He was the anchor of the whole event. He kept the energy up, the tunes jamming and relieved a ton of pressure off of me. Thanks man you are awesome!!!
    Eric Bauer of Synergy Timing for providing the accurate event timing and being unbelievably flexible with the many race day registrations and category changes. He did this all by himself! Most importantly he was able to be patient with me and smile. Thanks Eric
    Steve Mason of "805 Go Green Mobile Power" He provided all the power for the event with his mobile Solar Generator that he engineered and built himself! Pretty darn cool that the event was completely powered by the Sun. Thanks Steve!
    Now to address the Elephant in the room; the lack of nutrition and directional signage. I can not begin to express how truly sorry I am for the lack of fluid and nutrition out on course. It was totally unacceptable! It was a hot day and I should've been more prepared. It is not surprising to me that there are a bunch of pissed off people out there. If I were to have ridden in an event with similar circumstances I would be very disappointed as well.
    I am the race director so I take full responsibility for everything that happens during my event. That being said there were several sponsors and vendors that just straight screwed me. I had been assured by them, just days before the event, that they were going to provide SAG support, nutrition, electrolytes, canopies, give aways and much more. My aid stations suffered horribly because of their absence. I am not going to throw mud and start naming them, that will not resolve anything. However I will never make that same mistake again.
    The T-shirts were another issue that were a big disappointment. The T-shirt company was contracted to have my shirts to me no later 3/14. I was assured that they would be there on Friday but come to find out they just received the shirts to start printing on Monday (3/17). Subsequently I have torn them a new hole and forced a huge discount to cover my cost of shipping shirts to over 550 people.
    I offer my sincerest apologies and I will provide huge discounts, to everyone who rode this year, for next year's event. I intend to continue with the Malibu 7 Canyon annually and will use this experience to make sure that it never happens again. I would love to get your input and any suggestions you may have. Again I am truly sorry for a disappointing experience. If you are willing to give the Malibu 7 Canyon Classic another try next year I promise it will be a completely different experience. I vow to put the time and work needed to make this the one of a kind event it is. I hope you will give it another chance next year.

Thank you for your time

Brennen Lee
       If you have any questions please don't hesitate to Email us at info@malibu7canyons100.com or you can use the Contact us link above. As well there is my personal contact info on the bottom of each page. Feel free to contact me anytime. Hope to see you out there!





Malibu 7 Canyon Classic's Valued Sponsors

Hypercat Racing
Fluid Hydration
Franco Bicycles
Win's Wheels
Rock Chef Rolls